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3 Tips For Getting The Counters You Expected

There are a lot of variables that will inform what type of stone you use and how the specific details of your room will be incorporated. Details such as sink type, faucet hole count, range style, and precise seam placement should all be carefully confirmed well in advance, long before any slabs are scheduled for cutting.

Here are three quick tips to ensure you have aligned expectations with your stone supplier, fabricator, and installer:

1. Make sure you have all of your components selected before fabrication begins

It is important to know exact dimensions for sinks, whether appliances are drop-in or slide-in, and how the adjacent stone edges needs to be finished. The cutout for a farmhouse apron-front sink is quite a bit different than that of a more traditional undermount. Having all of these details will help ensure there are no surprises come install day.

2. If your fabricator doesn't provide a layout rendering, find another fabricator

A lot of granite suppliers have their own in-house fabricators and installation crews. There is a lot of efficiency with having all three under one roof. However, that might not be an option for everyone. Regardless of who you choose to supply and then to fabricate, you should be given a series of mockups on the exact slabs you picked showing every detail of your project: where seams will be located, where will the veining of the slabs end up on the actual counter, and how will everything blend together are all very important details to see before fabrication.

3. Discuss cleaning and maintenance before selecting slabs

Does this granite need to be sealed? If so, how often? What product? Is marble porous enough to leave a wine stain? Is honed difficult to keep clean? Is soapstone prone to cracking? All great questions that need to be answered! Think through exactly how you use your counters now and make a list of the absolute must-haves for your new kitchen. Durability, avant garde, low maintenance? Use that list to make an informed decision about what stone is best for your home.

The Value Of Unbiased Advice

There are a lot of reasons projects can go wrong. Wayhome exists to be your unbiased, expert advice throughout every step of the process. When we're involved early-on, we can help identify red-flags and potential issues long before they occur. Additionally, we can make sure everyone involved has aligned expectations and that all details have been communicated and agreed-upon before any major steps are taken.

"Wayhome has been a huge help during our kitchen renovation! Our Expert was extremely knowledgeable about everything cabinets, from their style, type of wood, finishes and everything in between. He has been our lifeline to help us communicate to our contractor and cabinet maker exactly what we are wanting and our expectations. I highly recommend using their services!"

- Melissa, homeowner

We offer a 30-minute virtual call for most single issues, a 40-minute call with our cabinetry and finishes Expert called our Cabinetry Consultation, or an unlimited monthly subscription option Project Partner. This is an excellent solution for larger-scale remodels and new-builds, where we're there to help with every detail and step of your project, all for just $499/month. No matter your question or concern, we'll help you find your way home.


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