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5 Kitchen Design Trends You'll See In 2024

The kitchen transcends its role as a mere cooking space, as it truly is the heart of the home. A thoughtfully designed kitchen not only optimizes functionality and efficiency but also elevates the unique moments that are created within it. With a new year comes new trends, and we're excited to help usher in the warmer tones, bold colors, and old-world features we expect to see in 2024.

(Design and photo credit: CMPG Design and Construction)

Warmer Woods

While we're sad to say it, it feels like we're on the back end of the blonde natural white oak trend. Next year, look for darker shades of wood creating an old world charm. We'll start to see medium-colored stains like nutmeg and chestnut on woods like cherry, alder and maple. Look for walnut with a grain-enhancing natural finish to make a resurgence, as well.

(Design and photo credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Bold Paint Colors

While the classic paint colors of white and cream will never go out of style, look for much bolder colors like navy blue, forest green, and even mustard yellow. Painted cabinets are a favorite of ours (just make sure they're finished professionally!) and a great way to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

(Design and photo credit: Amber Lewis)

Figured Stone

Calacatta marble, quartzite, and highly-figured quartz will continue to be the focal point, especially when used as a slab backsplash (check out the biggest differences between quartz and quartzite here). While seams can fall just about anywhere on solid-colored countertops, it's important to see a mock-up of exactly how your new counters and backsplash will look before ordering anything. Aligned expectations from day 1 is how we prevent disappointment on install day!

(Design and photo credit: unknown)

Statement Range Hoods

Often the focal point of the room (especially in the popular symmetrical U-shaped floorplan) a statement range hood adds that 'wow' factor. Materials like hammered bronze, steel, and copper offer a that little splash of metal not found elsewhere in the room, and the popular plaster hoods blend in while making a more subtle statement.

Old World and Furniture Details

You heard it hear first Tuscan style is making a comeback! While we love modern kitchen cabinets and design in general, the warmth, charm and character of Old World is a favorite. Milled details like reeding and fluting will continue, as well as "table legs" used on islands, corbels throughout supporting mantle range hoods and upper cabinetry, and more ornate details on crown, under-cabinet and baseboard all add that elegant detail.

Peace Of Mind

We hope you found this look into the future informative and helpful. If you need help vetting a specific cabinet company, saving money (like this recent example where we saved a family $95,000 on their cabinet order... yes ninety-five thousand!!), or anything else related to your new home build or remodel, our Experts are here to help with personalized, unbiased advice.

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming remodeling or building-new can be, and often not at all what you had expected. That's why we created Wayhome, to advocate and empower you with personalized 1:1 advice unique to your project. After all, you're not just building or remodeling a house, you're creating a home, and every detail has to be perfect.

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