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A Conversation With Erin Stetzer

When it comes to custom home builders, Erin Stetzer of Stetzer Builders is as good as it gets. With decades of experience in building both production and full-custom homes, her expertise spans across the entire residential industry. We discuss how to ensure the success of your build, the importance of collaboration with your builder, what reasonable expectations are for a homeowner, and so much more:


1:12 Demystifying the building process

5:04 What are reasonable expectations?

8:57 The importance of the right contract

12:08 How to vet a potential builder

24:16 What makes a good builder?

27:37 Working through a disagreement

35:24 The importance of weekly meetings

40:30 This should be the goal of your build

Here is some of Stetzer Build's stunning work. You can also find Erin on Instagram for daily tips, and on YouTube for deeper dives into each stage of the building process.

Being As Prepared As Possible Guarantees Success

With most things in building or remodeling, something done incorrectly is really hard to un-do. That's why being prepared is so very important. Frequent communication, aligned expectations, and conveying exactly what you expect are all excellent ways to ensure little to no mistakes happen onsite, and that your final project turns out exactly as you'd hoped. If you would like to chat through the details of your current or upcoming project with a Wayhome Expert, you can book a call here. No matter your question or concern, we'll help you find your Wayhome.


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