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A Conversation With Ryan Hay

Here at Wayhome, we not only want to help hold sub-standard contractors and builders accountable, but to celebrate and learn from those that are the best of the best. Enter Ryan Hay of Oakman Building Company. With an extensive background in residential, commercial, and civil construction, Ryan brings that expertise to his own company, specializing in high-performance custom homes in and around Austin, TX. We talk about what homeowners can do to ensure consistent communication on their own project, the importance of properly vetting your builder, how to incentivize the next generation of tradespeople, and much more:


0:00 You want a builder that continues to learn

5:04 How homeowners can get the most out of their builders

7:14 How do you incentivize young people to enter the trades?

13:36 Is a dedicated project manager necessary?

17:19 Should a homeowner insist on weekly meetings?

18:26 Set communication expectations early

20:54 You want to see clear signs of professionalism in a builder

21:48 What do you love most about building?

Here is some of Oakman Building Company's beautiful work. Be sure to check out Ryan on Instagram for tips and project updates, as well:

Being As Prepared As Possible Guarantees Success

With most things in building or remodeling, something done incorrectly is really hard to un-do. That's why being prepared is so very important. Frequent communication, aligned expectations, and conveying exactly what you expect are all excellent ways to ensure little to no mistakes happen onsite, and that your final project turns out exactly as you'd hoped. If you would like to chat through the details of your current or upcoming project with a Wayhome Expert, you can book a call here. No matter your question or concern, we'll help you find your way home.

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