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How To Be More Assertive With Your Contractor

The trades aren't exactly known for their communication skills and, unfortunately, sometimes we find ourselves frustrated when dealing with our contractor(s). Even though there are thousands of good, honest professionals in the market, it's not always the case that they're the ones we hire for our project. To learn how to better advocate for the professionalism, quality, and promptness of your new home, I chat with confidence and assertiveness coach Sonya Sadat. Her easy-to-absorb Instagram and TikTok videos have helped millions of people go from shy and passive to more poised, confident, and persuasive.

We dive into the 4 styles of communication (and how to identify which one you are), what to do if you feel your contractor doesn't respect you, what to do if you feel your contractor is gaslighting you, and so much more:


1:00 The 4 styles of communication

7:38 I feel my contractor doesn't respect me

11:44 Tips to remain calm and in control (more about Amy Cuddy's power poses here)

19:06 How to best prepare for a homebuilding or remodeling project

22:48 What to do if you feel your contractor is gaslighting you

25:26 How to use more persuasive language

Be As Prepared As Possible

There can be so many details in a home remodel or new build that the process can quickly become overwhelming, especially on such an emotional project. We created Wayhome to empower homeowners with technical advice, helpful tips from our friends like Sonya (look out for our next video where we'll chat with a contract attorney), and process and best-practices expertise from leaders in the industry.

If you have a challenging conversation coming up, are concerned with the quality of work performed, or need help with anything else regarding your project, our Experts are here. No matter your question, frustration, apprehension, or concern... we'll help you find your Wayhome.


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