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How We Saved A Family $95,000

A couple building new for the first time was on the verge of postponing their entire project because of very high whole-home cabinetry package prices. We first listened, learned about the homeowners and their goals, and through asking the right questions our cabinetry Expert was able to save Laura and Jake $95,000 in just a 40-minute consultation.

(Photo credit: Jean Allsopp)

First, We Listened

There is no shortage of advice on the internet. Even really good, helpful advice. However, with so many details specific to you and your tastes, budget, and timeline, it can be really difficult to have a one-size-fits-all solution for something as nuanced as building or remodeling an entire home.

As it turned out, Laura and Jake are very handy and were willing to explore RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) cabinets. While RTA isn't always an option or preference, for them it was perfect. We were able to find several companies that offered the exact cabinet style they were wanting (even with custom details like white oak and beaded inset) without compromising at all on quality. We were also able to revaluate the design to eliminate any unnecessarily costly features, as well as explore less-expensive premade options for vanities, laundry, and scullery cabinetry.

"It may seem exaggerated but we truly did go from "I don't think we can afford to build this house" to "okay, this is totally doable!" after our first call. Our main issue was budgeting our cabinetry needs and now we have a good game plan for how we are going to get the look we want without spending a small fortune to get there... we are seeing a nearly $100K difference in cost estimates!"

The Value Of Unbiased Advice

On any large-scale project, it's very rare that everyone is advocating for the customer. Honestly, I don't even blame them. The cabinetmaker or showroom wants to sell the most expensive upgrades, the builder often wants what is convenient and familiar, and the architect wants to design what will make the cover of the next issue of Architecture Digest. This is all great, so long as it is what the customer wants, as well. This unfortunately is rarely the case. The absolute most valuable thing we at Wayhome can offer you is unbiased advice. Our only goal is to advocate for you, the homeowner.

"What was so refreshingly different about our experience with Wayhome is that it was completely tailored to us in our particular situation, rather than just blanket advice about ways that we could cut cost to make this a more reasonable budget."

Building new or remodeling a house can be an incredibly stressful and anxious process. Especially if you feel you builder or contractor isn't as supportive as you'd prefer. That is why Wayhome exists: to support you. We understand that you're not just building a house, you're creating a home, and every detail has to be perfect.

No matter your question or concern, we're here to help you find your way home.


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