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The Difference Between Custom vs Semi-Custom Cabinets

The main differences between custom and semi-custom cabinets are in the level of personalization and flexibility in design. Here's a breakdown of the distinctions between custom and semi-custom cabinets:

A farmhouse style kitchen with white painted and natural white oak cabinets.

Design Flexibility

Custom Cabinets: Fully customizable to meet specific design requirements. Customers have control over dimensions, materials, finishes, and features. The cabinets are built from scratch based on individual preferences and space considerations.

Semi-Custom Cabinets: Offer a higher level of customization compared to stock cabinets but have limitations. While there are pre-set designs and sizes, customers can often choose certain features like finishes and hardware, and often offer dimensions in 3" increments.

Production Process

Custom Cabinets: Crafted on a one-off basis, often by local or specialized cabinetmakers. Each cabinet is made to order, and the production process is tailored to the customer's unique specifications.

Semi-Custom Cabinets: Manufactured in larger quantities than custom cabinets. However, there is still a degree of customization allowed within a range of pre-set options. This allows for some personalization without the higher cost associated with fully custom solutions.

Traditional, elegant kitchen with cream colored cabinets and a dark stained island.


Custom Cabinets: Generally more expensive due to the high level of craftsmanship, individualized design, and the use of premium materials.

Semi-Custom Cabinets: More cost-effective than custom cabinets but still offer a level of personalization. While not as budget-friendly as stock cabinets, they strike a balance between customization and affordability.

Lead Time

Custom Cabinets: Longer production time is often required, as each cabinet is built from scratch according to specific requirements. This can result in a longer waiting period.

Semi-Custom Cabinets: Typically have a shorter lead time compared to fully custom cabinets. The production process is more streamlined, allowing for quicker delivery.

Availability of Standard Sizes

Custom Cabinets: Can be designed to fit any space, making them suitable for rooms with unique dimensions or layouts, and maximizing every last inch of usable storage.

Semi-Custom Cabinets: Come in standard sizes, with some flexibility to adjust certain dimensions within a specified range to accommodate the space. Usually available in 3" increments.

Choosing between custom and semi-custom cabinets depends on factors such as budget, the level of customization desired, and the specific requirements of the space. Custom cabinets are ideal for those who want complete control over the design, while semi-custom cabinets provide a good balance between customization and cost-effectiveness.

Peace Of Mind

We hope you found this overview informative and helpful. If you need help vetting a specific cabinet company, learning about common cabinet finishes so you know exactly what to ask for, saving money (like this recent example where we saved a family $95,000 on their cabinet order... yes ninety-five thousand!!), or anything else related to your new home build or remodel, our Experts are here to help with personalized, unbiased advice.

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