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Our Values


Make homeowners feel seen and heard


Help homeowners make informed and confident decisions


 A steadfast commitment to doing what is right


Providing a customer-first experience everytime

We exist to empower you, 
the homeowner. 

You finally decide to move forward with that new home you've been dreaming of. You can't wait to get started, have every detail ready - only to be met with resistance. Inflated quotes, unfinished projects, and don't get us started on the unprofessional contractors.

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming this all can be, and often not at all what you had expected. 

After all,  you're not just building or remodeling a house, you're creating a home, and every detail has to be perfect.

That's why we created Wayhome. To be your unbiased advocate: to listen, to support, to advise, and ultimately,

to empower.

Corbin Clay


We got our start when our founder and professional craftsman, Corbin, realized he was becoming the personal quality control for so many people in his life. They would have a bathroom remodeled or a new floor installed, and often reach out with the question, "Does this look right to you?".


While sometimes it was, in fact, done correctly, most of the time – it wasn't. Corbin would start by simply listening. Explaining what should have been done, why it looks the way it does, and providing them with the information they needed to advocate for their needs. 


That's what we are here to do for you. To deeply understand your vision, concerns, and hopes. Instead of simply offering a list of "vetted professionals" or a one-size-fits-all solution, we employ on-staff experts dedicated to finding the best ways to make your house a home.


Find your way home with Wayhome.

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