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Quick Tip: Take Pictures Before Drywall

If there's one thing we try to impart here at Wayhome, in our Facebook group, and on this blog is nuance. The understanding that most things in building have many variables and details, each of which requiring careful consideration before making any decisions. That said, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that apply to every situation and we'll start featuring them in our Quick Tips.

There is a pre-drywall (sometimes even pre-insulation) inspection that happens in most building inspection schedules to look over all of the utilities' rough-ins: HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Once approved, insulation and drywall can begin. It is an excellent idea to take photos or a video of each wall in the house so you (and your builder) know for a fact where every wire is, plumbing vent, or anything else that could be damaged once covered up by drywall.

While it may take an hour or so, your smart phone will certainly suffice. These days, a lot of real estate photographers can be hired for this step (and use very cool 3D systems like Matterport), but ultimately not necessary. Some builders include this step as standard, others don't, so certainly something to discuss early on in the process.

We hope this helps someone!


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